Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mystery Skype

Yesterday in class we did a mystery Skype with some students from Wikwemikong, Manitoulin Island. This was a very cool experience, it was so interesting to learn about their lives and it gave me a new incite on First Nations people.

After learning they were from Manitoulin, most would think that life would be different for them then it is for us in Orangeville and in some ways it is. But for the most part they live the same lives we do and are interested in the same things we are. Like us many of the students enjoy sports like hockey, lacrosse and volleyball. I also found it interesting to hear some of their opinions on the documentary "The 8th Fire." Myself, I was actually unaware that there were so many different native stereotypes and after watching this documentary it is completely understandable why First Nations people feel isolated from society because of these false stereotypes.

This Skype made me realize just how unfair some first nations people are treated and how many of them are no different than us.

Monday, 11 November 2013

ISU Check #1

I am currently reading the novel Secret Daughter written by shilpi somaya gowda. This author was born and raised in Toronto, her parents however migrated there from Mumbai. She holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

shilpi somaya gowda was inspired to write Secret Daughter during a summer she spent working at an Indian orphanage in 1991 while she was in college. The novel was published in 2010, it uses two ideas as its starting points: infertility in North America and female gendercide in India. The Thakkars are an American mixed-race couple who adopt a girl in India, after her birth mother abandons her at an orphanage to save her from the fate of her first daughter. While the American mother, Somer, struggles with the insecurities that adoption brings to relationships, the Indian mother, Kavita, tries to find happiness as her family leaves their village for the slums of Mumbai. The story follows these families over a period of 20 years.

Due to her own personal experience with the culture and her background information I think she is a credible author for this novel.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Serial Dating For Free Meals

What's one of the worst dates you have ever had? Has it ever been with a girl who will use you to take her to an expensive restaurant and pay for it, but never talk to you again?

That is what is happening right now to many men in Toronto because a girl named Erin Wotherspoon. Recently I listened to an interview radio broadcast on kiss 92.5, it was about Erin Wotherspoon and how she is going on dates with random men to accomplish her goal of eating at all the fancy 5 star restaurants in Toronto for free.

Personally I think what she is doing is completely wrong, you should never use anyone to get a free meal. This girl seems to have a lack of ethics if she can go through with this without any hard feelings or a guilty conscience. Also I am very surprised that the men will pay for the entire bill because in today's society on dates more and more couples will split the bill. This occurs especially on the first date when you are still getting to know each other. It also gives women a sense of self respect to chip in on the bill. I feel if you didn't at least offer than the male will walk away feeling used. What this girl is doing could make women in the future seem selfish and start to earn a lack of respect from the male population. It will set back equal rights women have worked hard to achieve to overcome stereotypes.  Erin Wotherspoon has set a bad example for all women!

Here is a link to the broadcast: [ROZ & MOCHA INTERVIEW] Toronto Blogger is Serial Dating For Free Meals at 5 Star Restaurant