Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mystery Skype

Yesterday in class we did a mystery Skype with some students from Wikwemikong, Manitoulin Island. This was a very cool experience, it was so interesting to learn about their lives and it gave me a new incite on First Nations people.

After learning they were from Manitoulin, most would think that life would be different for them then it is for us in Orangeville and in some ways it is. But for the most part they live the same lives we do and are interested in the same things we are. Like us many of the students enjoy sports like hockey, lacrosse and volleyball. I also found it interesting to hear some of their opinions on the documentary "The 8th Fire." Myself, I was actually unaware that there were so many different native stereotypes and after watching this documentary it is completely understandable why First Nations people feel isolated from society because of these false stereotypes.

This Skype made me realize just how unfair some first nations people are treated and how many of them are no different than us.


  1. Brittney, I liked learning about how similar their lives are to those of teenagers in Orangeville. What were their opinions about 8th Fire? Why did you find it interesting?

  2. Hi Brittney,

    It is true that in many respects teens on reserve and off reserve live similar lives. Getting past the surface is necessary to truly see the differences between all of us, don't you think? The clothes we wear don't tell others much about us beyond what style we identify with or how much money we might have.