Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Serial Dating For Free Meals

What's one of the worst dates you have ever had? Has it ever been with a girl who will use you to take her to an expensive restaurant and pay for it, but never talk to you again?

That is what is happening right now to many men in Toronto because a girl named Erin Wotherspoon. Recently I listened to an interview radio broadcast on kiss 92.5, it was about Erin Wotherspoon and how she is going on dates with random men to accomplish her goal of eating at all the fancy 5 star restaurants in Toronto for free.

Personally I think what she is doing is completely wrong, you should never use anyone to get a free meal. This girl seems to have a lack of ethics if she can go through with this without any hard feelings or a guilty conscience. Also I am very surprised that the men will pay for the entire bill because in today's society on dates more and more couples will split the bill. This occurs especially on the first date when you are still getting to know each other. It also gives women a sense of self respect to chip in on the bill. I feel if you didn't at least offer than the male will walk away feeling used. What this girl is doing could make women in the future seem selfish and start to earn a lack of respect from the male population. It will set back equal rights women have worked hard to achieve to overcome stereotypes.  Erin Wotherspoon has set a bad example for all women!

Here is a link to the broadcast: [ROZ & MOCHA INTERVIEW] Toronto Blogger is Serial Dating For Free Meals at 5 Star Restaurant


  1. I feel like the nickname "the man eater" is appropriate for Ms. Wotherspoon. She is clearly using men for her own goals. She also seems predatory (not to mention racist) by going after guys who are "fresh off the boat" (her words).

    I am rather goal oriented but the thought of using people to achieve such goals isn't right. The ends do not justify the means. If you want to eat at all of Toronto's fancy restaurants, save up some money treat yourself.

    Ms. Wotherspoon seems to lack common sense and self-respect. I love how she admits that what she is doing is immoral.

  2. Totally agree Britt that this girl is crazy! I heard this interview as well and the shocking part was that men in the GTA called into the showing saying that they would still take her on a date KNOWING HER RIDICULOUS GAME! These men said they would try to make her fall out of her games by "making her fall for them" and hoping to make her like them so much to stop. I guess chivalry isn't dead... either that or men are really competitive in away towards other men they haven't even met! Regardless, this girl makes me question this generation.